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Our Clients Call Us The Best Kept Secret In Sussex

We believe Sussex Laser Lipo are the leading non-invasive inch loss and aesthetic practitioners in the south east, serving Burgess Hill, Haywards Heath, Brighton, Crawley and beyond!

We provide advanced Skin Tightening treatments for the face and body, Accelerated Laser Lipo, Cryogenic Lipolysis and our new 4D Cavi (Ultrasonic Cavitation) Inch Loss, alongside revolutionary EMS muscle toning and body sculpting treatments, to help you lose weight fast and achieve a younger, healthier appearance. Go to our Services Page to see our latest special offers and prices for each of our treatments.

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With the latest technology from PureGenex, we offer the very best in non-invasive fat reduction, non-surgical facelift, brazilian bum lift, body sculpting and skin tightening.

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Just a few reasons why we think you should choose Sussex laser Lipo...

We are the first and only completely non-invasive inch loss and aesthetic clinic in Sussex, dedicated exclusively to cellulite and fat reduction, skin tightening and lifting using only non-invasive technologies, alongside pioneering technologies and techniques, to deliver the best results to you, the customer!

We believe Sussex Laser Lipo are the leading non-invasive inch loss and aesthetic practitioners in the south east, serving Burgess Hill, Haywards Heath, Brighton, Crawley and beyondto all areas of Sussex, Surrey, Kent and even London!

We are fully certified in the use of a number of different Laser Lipo and aesthetic devices, fully insured and also provide training for the PureGenex range of aesthetic equipment across the UK. All of our treatments are completely non-invasive and DO NOT involve injections, needles or surgery of any kind, so you can be assured that you are receiving a top quality, completely safe treatment from one of the most experienced technicians operating in the UK today.

We use the latest technology from the pioneers of non-invasive aesthetics at PureGenex.

Sussex Laser Lipo are extremely well known and respected throughout the industry, with a reputation for achieving the best results, all within a friendly and professional environment. We often receive referrals from GPs and even Cosmetic Surgeons, who have seen the results we have delivered and the change this has promoted in the general well-being of our clients.

If you have any questions regarding our treatments, please browse our site using the menu above, or Contact Us for more information.

Our Process

Applying over a decade of experience providing leading non-invasive inch loss and aesthetic treatments.

We will ensure you are provided with the best advice, prices and service, to help you achieve your goals. Whether it be preparation for your next holiday, a special event, or just because you want to make a change, we have the right treatment.

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We assess both your medical status and treatment objectives to determine and recommend the best treatment options for you.

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Applying the latest technology and over a decade of experience, we will provide you with unique and highly effective treatments to achieve your desired objectives.

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We pride ourselves on providing the best treatments to achieve your goals. Just take a look at thesuperb results achieved with many of our lovely clients.

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