This page provides answers to some of the questions we are most often asked in relation to Sussex Laser Lipo. However, if you have specific questions relating to the treatments we offer, please refer to the FAQ pages for those treatments via the main menu.

  • I’ve found similar treatments cheaper elsewhere, what else should I consider as well as price?

    We are aware of people offering similar treatments to ours, sometimes at lower prices. At Sussex Laser Lipo we strive to ensure we are offering the best value for you, the customer, whilst ensuring we provide clean, comfortable and professional facilities. We have often found that providers offering very cheap prices are cutting corners in some way (e.g. shorter treatment times, only accept cash payment, are not fully qualified and insured, etc.). Sussex Laser Lipo simply do not cut corners with our clients’ safety, nor will we compromise in delivering the best results possible. Our one and only priority is you, the customer!

  • Do you perform full treatments?

    Other providers often reduce the treatment time when offering lower prices, so your results will be significantly diminished, if you achieve any results at all! You should be extremely cautious of this “compromise”, as it is often a false economy with your results being the true cost! Sussex Laser Lipo ALWAYS provides the full length treatment, to ensure optimal results.

  • Are you insured, trained and certified?

    Sussex Laser Lipo is fully insured, with all our staff being fully trained and certified in the use of the all equipment and the “Core of Knowledge”. Our Principal Aesthetic Practitioner is one of the most experienced technicians operating in the UK today and is also a certified trainer for the entire PureGenex line of devices.

  • What methods of payment do you accept?

    We accept cash, cheque (with guarantee card / proof of address) and all debit and credit cards displaying the logos shown on our website (PLEASE NOTE: WE DO NOT ACCEPT AMERICAN EXPRESS). Be aware of providers only accepting cash. This is often a sign of an unstable or not entirely legal business practice. Ask yourself if you want to make an investment in treatments offered by a business that may disappear overnight… it’s your body after all!.

  • What kind of results should I expect?

    As highly experienced inch loss and aesthetic practitioners and trainers, Sussex Laser Lipo has a proven history of success with clients from all walks of life. Just take a look at our results gallery and you’ll see an array of clients WE have treated, not just a set of marketing images from the manufacturer of the machines we use!

    Indeed, as certified trainers for the line of PureGenex multi-function platforms, we have worked with PureGenex in the testing of their products, providing many of the images they use in their marketing as an output of this. Our participation in this testing ensures our clients are given access to the latest technological advancements AND the PureGenex technology is proven in real world conditions, so we KNOW the platforms we use really do work.

  • Are you registered with the Care & Quality Commission?

    No. As of October 2010, new guidelines published by the C&QC state that clinics offering treatments using Cold Light Class 3B laser equipment DO NOT NEED to be registered. Given the significant cost of registration and on-going maintenance of this position, we have followed this guidance, allowing us to pass on lower costs to you. However, this does not mean we do not follow industry best practice in all areas of your treatments and care. You are the customer and you are our priority!

  • Are the treatments safe?

    Yes. We specialise in only non-invasive therapies and procedures. We do not use any needles or scalpels and only offer treatments that are proven to be completely safe.

  • Do you guarantee results?

    No, and anyone that does is not being honest with you about how the treatments work. Results can vary and there are many factors that effect the results achieved by each individual customer, including but not limited to lifestyle, age, diet, etc. As such, we are not able to provide guaranteed results. We will commit to engaging with you as a customer to achieve the best results possible in your given situation. As long as you also commit to the treatment and follow our guidelines, we will ensure the best results possible.

  • Will I be able to drive after my treatment?

    Yes. All of our treatments are completely non-invasive, with no down-time required after treatment, so you will be able to continue with your normal day immediately after treatment.

  • Can I bring a friend / family member to the treatments / consultation?

    Unfortunately, to ensure complete privacy for our clients, our treatment room is setup to ensure we provide an environment conducive to privacy and total safety. As such, we do not provide facilities for friends / family members to be present in the treatment room during the consultation or treatments. We only offer truly non-invasive, pain free treatments, in a safe and private setting, so there is no need for support.

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