EMS Body Sculpting And Toning

How Does EMS Body Sculpting and Toning Work?

At Sussex Laser Lipo, we use the latest advancement in non-invasive commcerical aesthetic technology! Our new 4D-ProSculpt EMS Body Sculpting and Toning treatments (also known as "Electro Mechanical Stimulation"), the next generation in body sculpting and toning treatments, to deliver truly amazing shaping, toning and strengthening of a wide variety of body areas, WITHOUT the need to exercise!* EMS Body Sculpting, or Electro-Mechanical Stimulation, applies small electrical impulses to the muscles causing them to contract and relax rapidly. This acts to both exercise the muscles and promote blood flow for amazing body sculpting and toning, whilst also accelerating inch loss results (if applicable). The PureGenex 4D-ProSculpt is a professional and powerful ems machine for muscle growth, but can be also be used for weight loss, body shaping, muscle toning and strengthening.
One-third of the body is made up of muscles, yet regular exercises only engage between 40-60% of the muscle’s full capacity, no matter how vigorous the exercise.  The 4D-ProSculpt advanced EMS technology engages 100% of the targeted muscle, resulting in significantly greater muscle fibre density and strength increase, alongside fat loss through increased metabolic activity.
EMS body scultping You will feel and see results from the first EMS Body Sculpting treatment, but we recommend a course of treatments, over a number of weeks, for optimal results. Each individual treatment covers a large area, such as the whole front of the abdomen, or both flanks, both arms, both inner thighs, etc. providing far better value for money. THERE ARE ABSOLUTELY NO NEEDLES OR INJECTIONS. NOTHING ENTERS THE BODY AS THIS IS AN ENTIRELY NON-INVASIVE PROCESS THAT WORKS IN HARMONY WITH YOUR NORMAL BIOLOGICAL PROCESSES.

What is EMS?

Electro Mechanical Stimulation, or "EMS" Body Sculpting and Toning, uses small electrical impulses, delivered through the surface of the skin, to stimulate the mucles in the treatment area.  Using our new PureGenex 4D-ProSculpt Platform EMS is applied to promote a number of effects :-
  • Stimulates bloodflow and lymphatic drainage
  • Exercises the muscles, increases metabolic rate and colarific demand
  • Tones the muscles, strengthening and improving flexibility
EMS enables instant inch loss from your very first 4D-ProSculpt treatment session for the majority of clients!

EMS Treatments

The 4D-ProSculpt paddles (of which there are two) each contain a circular magnetic coil for optimal coverage.  This emits powerful magnetic pulses into the tissue, creating a magnetic field deep in the muscle.  This electromagnetic energy activates the motor neurons, bypassing the brain’s motor cortex, causing involuntary contractions.  Oscillating pulses of EMS energy cause the muscles to rapidly contract and relax, creating an intense workout for slow and fast twitch muscle fibres to provide coverage of large areas in a single treatment.  All you do is lie there in comfort and enjoy the EMS Body Sculpting treatment.  You are free to read, listen to music, or simply relax.

Electro Mechanical Stimulation is applied throughout treatment by the 4D-ProSculpt paddles, exercising the muscles to increase bloodflow and provide immediate muscle toning and shaping results.

End Result

You will achieve immediate EMS body sculpting, with an improved shape, smoother skin tone, feel taughter and more toned from the first treatment with the new 4D-ProSculpt EMS Body Sculpting and Toning treatments!

EMS Body Sculpting And Toning FAQs

The NEW 4D-ProSculpt EMS treatments are incredibly flexible, as each of the flat paddles covers a large area of 15-20cm in diameter.  The PureGenex 4D-ProSculpt platform we use has 2 of these paddles, so we can cover larger areas or multiple smaller areas in a single session! The most common areas treated are :-

  • Stomach (Abdomen)
  • Buttocks
  • Male Chest (Pectoral)
  • Legs (inner and outer thighs, calves)

If you are a healthy adult, over the age of 18, the answer is usually a resounding “YES”!!!

However, there are some medical conditions (referred to as "Contra-indications") that mean we CANNOT treat you. This is in the best interest of your health and to ensure there are no complications with your condition, so please don’t be offended if we are unable to treat you as a result of one of these conditions being present :-

  • Cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases
  • Infectious diseases or immune system dysfunction
  • Renal failure
  • Diagnosed and / or undergoing treatment for any form of mental disorder
  • Patients with dermatitis or infection in the treatment area
  • Patients with a history of significant trauma, or abnormal healing of wounds in the treatment area
  • Patients with varicosity in the treatment area, or surrounding areas
  • Serious heart disease or the blood pressure of the patients with hypertension (≥140/90mmHg)
  • Patients with a history of paralysis or stroke
  • Patients with artificial bones, silicosis, metal implants or prosthesis in the area of treatment
  • Patients with peripheral nervous disease, diabetes (Type 1), or connective tissue diseases
  • Pregnant or nursing women (until after 12 week post-natal check)
  • Malignant tumours

If you suffer from any of the following conditions, we CAN treat you (with a signed disclaimer), but would strongly recommend you consult with your GP, or consultant physician, before commencing treatment :-

  • Recent surgery or minor operations (less than 6 weeks ago)
  • Recent injury (awaiting treatment / surgery
  • Recently undergone cosmetic surgery or artificial fillers

If you are in any doubt and the answers to your questions are not contained within this site, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to discuss the treatments with you in more detail.

After completing your course, it is recommended to periodically have maintenance treatments. Like any non-surgical or surgical aesthetic techniques, the results will last longer if you follow a balanced diet and exercise regularly, as this provides a stronger platform to maintain your new, healthier complexion.

Yes. The treatment is completely non-invasive and combines proven and safe therapies to achieve a cumulative aesthetic effect.

Yes. The treatment is completely non-invasive and has no "down-time". You are free to carry on with your normal daily activities immediately after treatment.

This is entirely up to you, as long as you can remain still and lying down. Many clients read magazines (we provide a range to choose from), others take the opportunity to take a quick nap! We also offer free Wi-Fi Internet Access for customers whilst they are waiting and during the treatments, just ask for details when you arrive.

What a difference!

I just wanted to say how much I love the RF facials I have from you….and as for the eye lift….amazing! Despite having an awful cold, even I could see how good my face looked….and it just seems to have kept getting better! Thank… Read more * “What a difference!”


All testimonials are the opinion of the individual. Any results described or claimed within these testimonials are specific to that individual customer. Results can vary and there are many factors that effect the results achieved by each individual customer, including but not limited to lifestyle, age, diet, etc. As such, we are not able to provide guaranteed results. We will commit to engaging with you as a customer to achieve the best results possible in your given situation.

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