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I opted for three courses of treatments over a 5 week period. I had 4D Cavi to both knee areas on a course of 6. Followed by 2 sessions of 4D Cryo to reduce tummy fat due to weight gain through medication & 2 sessions of BBL to improve skin elasticity & tone. There was an obvious difference with the 4D Cavi & BBL at the end of the treatment. The changes were positively surprising. Over 3 months on from the 4D Cavi I am visibly impressed. The loss of fat & texture of my skin at the knee area is a great improvement with reduced cellulite so I am pleased with the outcome. I started to drink 2.5 – 3.5 litres of water daily since 2016 & I have kept this up to date. I rigorously went to the gym before & after each treatment to increase lymphatic drainage by doing an hour of cardiovascular exercise on the treadmill. However, I had a 2 month break recently from the gym but returned early January & I am pleased to say from my experience, I didn’t gain any additional weight or notice any significant change in my body shape as a result of missing out on cardio.

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