If you have stubborn bulges which are not reacting to diet and exercise, then we can send them packing! Love handles, Abdomen, Inner thighs and Outer thighs all respond excellently to this amazing treatment. No needles, no anaesthesia, no downtime, no drugs and no after care. Carry on with your every day life straight away!

The treatment uses the very latest cryolipolysis technology to safely freeze the fat cells in the targeted area, effectively killing them…skin and other body cells are not affected. The body breaks down the dead fat cells over a period of weeks to leave the treated area with 20-40% less fat….and that means a slimmer, sleeker you!

Unlike many inch loss treatments, a course of treatments is not necessary. As we are born with a set number of fat cells, the ones killed during treatment will not come back, so a one hour, single treatment per placement area is usually all that is required. During your treatment you can read, bring your laptop…or even grab forty winks.

Cryolipolysis was developed in America by Harvard scientists and was FDA approved in 2010. It has been the secret of many celebrities and has made its way surprisingly slowly over to the UK. Since 2010, technology has further improved and we are proud to boast about the very latest fat freezing machine which maximises comfort as well as results.

And the price? When you consider that most inch loss treatments require a course of at least 6 treatments, this is surprisingly cost effective at £150 for 1 area/placement and just £500 for 4 areas/placements!

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