There are now lots of people out there offering very cheap Laser Lipo deals using cheap Laser Lipo machines.  We can see how these deals may be very tempting but, as the old adage goes, “You get what you pay for”, certainly rings true in this case!  The deals might be cheap, but will you get the results you desire?

We have had many clients that were tempted away by these cheap offers, only to come back to us with horror stories of how they were treated, total lack of results and feeling ripped off! Over the next week, we will be taking a look at these cheap deals and offering some insights and advice on whether they are the right choice for you.

Before you waste your money and time on these cheap deals, STOP and ask yourself a few questions :

1) Why are they so cheap?

The answer to this question is normally because they are using cheap machines, have very little experience, or simply do not achieve any results, so have to tempt customers with low prices to convince them to have the treatments.  This usually means they are cutting corners, with reduced treatment times, or using cheap machines.

Here at Sussex Laser Lipo, we have a strong reputation for consistently delivering results using the best technology.  We do not cut corners to offer cheap deals and false economies.  We always provide full treatments to ensure optimal results.

To be continued….

Author : Mear Tosney – Aesthetic Practitioner and Certified Laser Lipo Trainer

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